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From when do you accept reservations?
We will accept reservations from 6 months prior to the check in date.
or further details please see the check availability.
Can I make a reservation even on the check in date?
Yes, you can if there is an available room. check availability
Is it possible to stay continuously?
Yes, it's possible.Please check our 2 Nights or more offer.
I don't receive confirmation e-mail of reservation, what should I do?
It may be as follows;
(1)you might have input a wrong email address.
(2)you might have set domain reception specification for spam mail prevention. Please set recept permission of welina-hotel.jp.
(3)it might automatically sorted into spam folder. Please check the spam folder.
Can I confirm or change the date of my reservation? Also can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, you can.
When you confirm, change, or cancel your reservation, please check the below.
Confirmation / modification / cancellation of reservation
Is there an accommodation agreement?
Yes. Please see accomodation clause.


How do you charge the cancellation fee?
We will charge a cancellation fee as follows.
cancel on the previous day of check in date: 20% of the room charge.
cancel on the check in date: 80% of the room charge.
no-shows without contact: 100% of the room charge.
Is it possible to extend the checkout time?
Yes, it's possible.
We will charge 1000yen per hour and final time of check out is 12:00.


Can I have a receipt?
Yes, you can. It will be issued from the automatic check in machine at check-in.
Can I connect to the Internet?
Yes. The high-speed Wi-Fi are available at all floors.
Is there any room service?
Massage service is available.


Is there a public bath?
We are sorry but there is no public bath in this hotel.
Is there a cleaning service for clothes?
We are sorry but there are no affiliated partners at this moment.
Is there a Laundry?
Yes, it's on the 1st -ground - floor. The Laundry is open for 24 hours.
Is there a vending machine?
Yes, it's on the 1st -ground- floor. Soft drinks only.