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Terms and Conditions

(Application of this agreement)

Article 1

  1. The accommodation agreement to be concluded by the hotel and the contract concerning this shall be in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and the matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be based on laws and ordinances or customs.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the hotel may respond to special provisions to the extent not contrary to the purpose, laws and ordinances and customs stipulated in this contract.

(Application for accommodation contract)

Article 2

  1. A person who wishes to apply for an accommodation contract to the hotel shall offer the following information to the hotel.
    • ① Guest name, contact address
    • ② Accommodation date and expected arrival time
    • ③ Accommodation fee (As a general rule, based on the basic accommodation fee of Appended Table 1)
    • ④ Miscellaneous items that the hotel deems necessary
  2. When guests have requested continuation of stay beyond the staying date of item 2 of the preceding paragraph during the stay, the hotel shall treat as having applied for a new accommodation contract at the time of the offer I will.

(Establishment of accommodation contract etc.)

Article 3

  1. The accommodation agreement shall be concluded when the hotel accepts the application under the preceding Article. However, this does not apply when we prove that the hotel did not accept.
  2. When the accommodation contract is concluded pursuant to the provision of the preceding paragraph, payment shall be made by the hotel before the hotel designates the deposit amount specified by the hotel with the basic accommodation fee of the staying period as the limit.
  3. The application fee is first applied to the accommodation fee to be finally paid by the guest, and in the event of a situation where the provisions of Article 6 and Article 18 apply, the penalty will be applied in the order of compensation. If there is a remaining amount, it will be refunded upon payment of the fee according to Article 12.
  4. If the application fee set forth in paragraph 2 is not payable by the hotel's designated date pursuant to the said paragraph, the accommodation agreement will lose its validity. However, in designating the payment due date of the application, it is limited only when the hotel notifies the guest to that effect.

(Special agreement not to pay application fee)

Article 4

  1. Notwithstanding the provision of paragraph 2 of the preceding article, the hotel may respond to a special agreement that does not require payment of the deposit under the same paragraph after the contract is established.
  2. In accepting an application for a hotel accommodation contract, if the hotel does not request payment of the application fee set forth in paragraph 2 of the preceding article and if he / she did not designate the due date of the deposit, it shall be deemed as in accordance with the special agreement of the preceding paragraph We will deal with it.

(Denial of Conclusion of Accommodation Contract)

Article 5

  1. In the following cases, the hotel may not respond to the conclusion of accommodation contract.
    • ① When the accommodation application does not comply with this policy.
    • ② When there is not room in the room due to full (member).
    • ③ A person who intends to stay is stipulated in laws and regulations, concerning accommodation, public order when it is recognized that there is a possibility of acting contrary to the preface or good Man`s customs.
    • ④ When a person who intends to stay is clearly recognized as a contagious disease.
    • ⑤ When a burden beyond a reasonable range is requested for accommodation.
    • ⑥ When you can`t accommodate due to natural disasters, breakdown of facilities, or other unavoidable reasons.

(Right to cancel contract by guest)

Article 6

  1. Guests can cancel the accommodation contract by offering to the hotel.
  2. When the Hotel cancels all or part of the Accommodation Contract due to reasons attributable to the responsibility (as provided for by the provision of Article 3, Paragraph 2, the hotel designates payment due date of the application and payment thereof. And when guests cancel the accommodation contract prior to the payment, exclude.) Penalties will be charged as stated in Schedule 2 of the Schedule. Provided, however, that in case the hotel responds to the special provisions of Article 4, paragraph 1, in responding to the special agreement, the hotel will inform guests of the obligation to pay penalties when the guests cancel the accommodation contract It is limited only when announcing it.
  3. If the hotel does not arrive even if the guest does not arrive at 8 pm on the day of the accommodation day (in the case where the expected arrival time is specified beforehand, the time when two hours have elapsed) the accommodation contract may be deemed to have been canceled by the guest and may be processed.

(Right to cancel the contract of our hotel)

Article 7

  1. The hotel may cancel the accommodation contract in the following cases:
    • ① When guests are deemed to be in danger of conducting contrary to laws and ordinances, public order or good manners and customs concerning accommodation, Or when it is recognized that said act was done.
    • ② When guests are clearly recognized as infectious disease patients.
    • ③ When a burden beyond a reasonable range is requested for accommodation.
    • ④ When you can`t accommodate due to grounds such as natural disasters due to force majeure
    • ⑤ Mischief for sleeping cigarettes and firefighting facilities etc. in the bedroom, other prohibitions on the use rules prescribed by the hotel (necessary for fire prevention Something limited. When not obeying.
  2. When the hotel cancels the accommodation contract under the provisions of the preceding paragraph, we will not charge the accommodation services etc. that the guests have not received yet.

(Registration of accommodation)

Article 8

  1. Guests are required to register the following items at the front desk of the hotel on the day of the staying day.
    • ① Name, age, sex, address and occupation of guests
    • ② For foreigners, nationality, passport number, entry place and date of entry
    • ③ Departure date and scheduled departure time
    • ④ Miscellaneous items deemed necessary by the hotel
  2. When guests intend to make payment of the fee of Article 12 by a method that can substitute for the accommodation ticket, credit card, etc. currency, they shall be presented beforehand at the time of registration in the preceding paragraph.

(Room usage time)

Article 9

  1. The time that guests can use our rooms is from 15 pm to 10 am. However, in case of staying continuously, you can use it all day except arrival date and departure date.
  2. Notwithstanding the provision of the preceding paragraph, the Hotel may respond to the use of rooms outside the time specified in the same paragraph. In this case the following additional fee will be charged.
    • ① Up to 3 hours, 1080 yen per person per hour
    • ② Over 3 hours or more, 100% of the equivalent amount of room charge

(Compliance with usage rules)

Article 10

  1. Guests are required to comply with the usage rules posted on the hotel as determined by the hotel in the hotel.

(The business hours)

Article 11

  1. The opening hours of the hotel's main facilities etc. are as follows and detailed business hours of other facilities etc. will be announced in the installation brochure, bulletin of each place, service directory in the room etc.
    • ①Service hours such as front cashier
    • No curfew ... none
    • Front service ... 24 hours
  2. The time set forth in the preceding paragraph may be changed on occasion if necessary. In that case, we inform you with the appropriate method.

(Payment of fee)

Article 12

  1. The breakdown of accommodation fees etc. to be paid by the guest shall be as set forth in Appended Table 1.
  2. Payment of the accommodation fee etc. in the preceding paragraph shall be paid by currency or a method accepted by the hotel, such as an accommodation ticket, a credit card or the like, at the time of departure of the guest or upon request by the hotel, at the reception desk I will.
  3. We will charge the accommodation fee even if the hotel provides guests to the guests and the guests did not arbitrarily stay after usable.

(Our Responsibility)

Article 13

  1. The hotel shall indemnify the damages in the event of the performance of the accommodation contract and the contract concerning it or the damage caused by those defaults to the guests. However, this is not the case unless it is due to reasons attributable to the hotel.
  2. The hotel has received a proper mark to be delivered by the fire department, but in order to cope with a fire or the like, we have enrolled in the Ryokan liability insurance.

(Handling when contracted rooms can`t be provided)

Article 14

  1. When the hotel can`t provide guest rooms contracted to guests, we will make other accommodation facilities under the same conditions as much as possible with the consent of the guests.
  2. If the hotel can`t afford other accommodation despite the provisions of the preceding paragraph, he / she will pay a compensation fee equivalent to penalty payment to the guest, and the compensation fee will be used for damages compensation. However, if there is no reason attributable to the hotel's responsibility about what guests c can`t offer, we will not pay a compensation fee.

(Handling of deposits etc.)

Article 15

  1. If damage, damage or other damage arises in respect of goods, cash or valuable items that guests deposited at the front desk, the hotel will indemnify the damage unless it is force majeure. However, if cash and valuables are requested by the hotel for the type and value of the value, and the guest did not do so, the hotel will pay the damage to the extent of 150,000 yen I will compensate. Depending on the content of the bill, we may refuse deposit.
  2. When guests have lost, damaged, or otherwise damaged due to intentional or negligence of the hotel concerning goods or cash and items brought in the hotel and valuable items that were not left at the reception , The hotel will indemnify the damage. However, we will indemnify the hotel for damages not exceeding 150,000 yen for items not previously announced by guests of type and price.

(Storage of guest's baggage or portable items)

Article 16

  1. When baggage of the guest arrives at the hotel prior to arrival, we keep responsibility only when the hotel agrees before the arrival and hand it over to the guest when checking in at the reception I will.
  2. When guests have forgotten their baggage or carry-on items after checking out, and the owner is found out, the hotel will contact the person concerned and give instructions to them I will seek for it. However, when there is no instruction of the owner or the owner is not known, it is kept for 7 days including the discovery date, and then it is delivered to the nearest police station.
  3. The responsibility of the hotel concerning the storage of baggage or carrying items of guests in the case of the preceding two paragraphs shall be the same as the provision of paragraph 1 of the preceding paragraph in the case of paragraph 1. It shall comply with the provisions of paragraph 2.

(Responsibility for parking)

Article 17

  1. When a guest uses the parking lot of the hotel, the hotel lends a place regardless of the deposit of the key of the vehicle, and it does not assume the responsibility of management of the vehicle. However, when damaging by the willful or negligence of the hotel, we will be responsible for the compensation.

(Responsibility of guests)

Article 18

  1. if the hotel suffers damages due to intention or negligence of the guest, the guest shall indemnify the hotel for the damage.

Appended Table 1:Method of calculating accommodation fee (related to Article 2 Clause 1 and Article 12 Paragraph 1)

Total amount to be paid
by guests
hotel fee ①Basic accommodation fee (room charge)
additional fee ②Food and beverage and other usage charges
Tax ③Consumption tax and accommodation tax

Remarks 1 when the tax law is revised, it shall be based on the revised provision.

Appended Table 2:Penalties (related to Article 6, paragraph 2)

Date of receipt of contract
cancellation notice
No show That day previous day 9 days ago 20days ago
General Up to 14 100% 80% 20%
Group 15 to 99 100% 80% 20% 10%
Over 100 100% 100% 80% 20% 10%

1.% is the ratio of penalty to basic accommodation charges.
2.If contract days are shortened, regardless of the shortened days. We will collect penalty fee for 1 day (first day).
3.If the contract is canceled for a part of group guests (15 or more), 10% of the number of guests at the ten (10) days before the accommodation (the day when the application was taken over after that day) In case of number of people who will be rounded up), no penalty will be charged.

(Gangsters and organized crime group members and cases that may be contrary to public order)

Article 19

  • ① Please refrain from using the hotel such as Designated Gangsters and Designated Gangsters Members by "Law for Prevention of Unfair Acts by Gangsters" (enforced on March 1, 1992). (We will refuse the use at that time if the fact is known during reservation or use.)
  • ② Please refrain from using the hotel of antisocial organizations and antisocial organizations (organized crime groups and radical groups and their constituent members). (We will refuse the use at that time if the fact is known during reservation or use.)
  • ③ When violence, intimidation, extortion, intimidating unjustifiable demands and similar acts are acknowledged, please refrain from using the hotel immediately. Also, please refrain from those who did similar acts.
  • ④ When using the hotel is deemed to have difficulty in securing your own safety such as self-loss due to physical and mental disorder, medicine, drinking alcohol, or other risks, fears and uneasiness to other customers We will refuse use immediately.